Providing Cloud & Machine Learning Consultancy

Resilient and evolvable Architecture. Distributed and web-scale computing on Cloud. Machine Learning powered applications.

Design that supports your vision

Architecture by definition is those decisions that are hard to change. A good architecture, on one hand, fits the business shape to enable and support the business in new ventures as well as maintaining existing process providing cost reduction. On the other hand, it provides extension points for propositions that are are natural to the future of the business. After designing dozens of systems, this is our key specialty.


Having the experience of designing high-scale high-complexity distributed systems, we design for optimal solution that solves business needs while provides extensibility for the natural evolution.


Commoditised compute and storage, aka cloud, frees a business from cumbersome procurement processes and brings agility for the business to be able to overtake the competition. It also empowers your development teams to fully own what they build reducing the release cycles to an optimum fit for your business.

Machine Learning

Regardless of the hype that surrounds them, AI and ML must brings tangible and usually immediate value to your business. Unlocking value by focusing on solving high-value/low-complexity is what we aim for.

About Us

SoftXNet Consultancy is a software Consultancy specialising in distributed cloud computing in Big Scale. We also provide AI and Machine Learning consulting for SME to be able to leverage the power of recent innovations and commoditised AI without having to invest heavily beforehand on staff and technology.

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SoftXNet Consultancy is registered in England. Company No: 08655456.

Registered Office: Hay Barn, Shucklow Hill, Milton Keynes MK17 0PY