iconPodcastCharger v0.9.6 (04/01/2011)

Latest update: we have added inegration of PodcastCharger into Android browser!

If you have not yet updated to the lastest version of the PodcastCharger, we highly recommend you to do so. We have added a couple of nice features, most important being integration into the browser so that your browser will suggest to you to open with PodcastCharger links that are likely to be podcast feeds. We have also fixed a few bugs and issues.

We noticed that many sites do not fully comply with RSS or ATOM standards and users are unable to register to those podcasts. We have changed our server side implementation to clean up those feeds and allow the users to register with such sites.

One of the feedbacks we have got is that as soon as the application is minimised, podcast that is being played is stopped. This in fact does not happen on Android version 1.6 and only on 2.1 and later. In order to fix the issue, we are implementing a custom player so that PodcastCharger also remembers where each podcast is played until. This will be released with the next version but until then, all you have to do is to click on the play icon at the notification bar at the top and expand the notification bar and click on the media player button. This will detach the player from PodcastCharger and allow playing to carry on independent to the application.

Please keep sending any issues or questions by just dropping us an email at support[(at)] (or alternatively aliostad[(at)] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

iconPodcastCharger v0.9.1 (21/12/2010)

Latest update: we have added support for video podcasts (videocasts or screencasts) as well as audio podcasts!

As you are aware, we have shipped the beta version of the PodcastCharger and so far we have had a very good response. We would like to thank you for downloading and trying our software and we would like to give you assurance that we are working towards improving the quality of our service.

Since the application went live on early hours of Monday 20/12/2010, we have had a large number of downloads and along with this quick uptake, we have noticed a few issues in system's ability to consume podcasts from several sites. We have worked towards solving these issues and we are pleased to announce that majority of such problems are now resolved.

On the other hand, we have noticed that users have entered addresses that were not valid, did not contain any RSS or Atom XML, did not contain a reference to RSS or Atom XML, or contained text feeds.

Here are some pointers to finding and entering the correct address:

  • Easiest way to get your favourite podcasts loaded into PodcastCharger is to use Android browser and navigate to your favourite podcast and click on the RSS or Atom icon - Make sure you are navigating to audio feed and not text or video feed. Then go back to PodcastCharger and use the menu to add the page to your bookmarks. Now you can use the menu inside the PodcastCharger to add the item from your bookmarks. Examples of such an address is
  • Alternatively, navigate to a page which has a link to the RSS or Atom feed and add it to your bookmarks and follow the same instructions to add it to bookmarks and then inside PodcastCharger, add it to your podcasts. PodcastCharger will scan the page to find out the RSS link and will automatically register the correct address. Example of such a page is
  • If you are unsure about which address to use for your podcast or you seem to have difficulty adding your favourite podcast, drop an email to support[(at)] (or alternatively aliostad[(at)] and we will be able to help you.
  • When you add a podcast to your list, system will poll the site every 8 hours to find if there are any new episode. Make sure that in the setting screen you have set the number of files you want to download. After a podcast is added, PodcastCharger will download a number of most recent episodes based on your settings and after that only newer podcasts will be downloaded.
  • Unfortunately, some sites do not follow RSS/Atom standards so our software will not be able to add such sites.
  • Again, any issues or questions, just drop us an email at support[(at)] (or alternatively aliostad[(at)] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will be shipping version 0.9.2 of PodcastCharger sometime next week which will include a few improvements.

Thanks for using PodcastCharger